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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
Органічне добриво "Волинські гумати" -
антистресова терапія для ваших рослин!

                            Volynski Humaty (Volyn Humates)

                                                    organic liquid fertilizer

                                            Anti-stress therapy for your plants!

     Volynski Humaty (Volyn Humates) organic liquid fertilizer (Registration number in the State Register 13703 series A 08568) is made from a fermented organic fertilizer Bioproferm and Volynski Humaty (Volyn Humates) fertilizer is used for: contains physiologically active potash salts of humic and fulvic acids, a variety of micro- and macro elements and amino acids. It has a high biological activity and effects plants differently: as a growth stimulator, a fertilizer, an adaptogen and an anti-stress agent.

-  a pre-sowing seeds, onion and potato treatment;

-  soaking seedling roots of vegetable and fruit crops, tree saplings;

-  root and foliar feeding of all kinds of legumes, grain, industrial, vegetable and fruit crops as well as ornamental plants. 

Nutrient concentration is no less than:

nitrogen (N) - 100-300 mg/l, phosphorus (P2O5) - 50-150 mg/l, potassium (K2O) - 150-300 mg/l, iron (Fe) - 25-35 mg/l, boron (B) - 10-25 mg/l, magnesium (Mg) - 70-150 mg/l, humic acids - 2-6%, organic matter - not less than 20%, pH - 7.5-8.5.


-   helps germination and improves seeds germination rate;

-   considerably enhances growth and plant development as well as root formation;

-   relieves plant stress due to the effect of the of the unfavourable environmental factors

(climate, excessive use of plant protection agents, disturbance of nutrient balance);

-   improves plant resistance to the effect of stress factors;

-   renews plant growth and development after mechanical injuries;

-   boosts the efficiency of nutrient uptake;

-   allows to grow ecologically clean products;

-   enhances the appearance of plants and extends the bloom time of ornamental plants.

During 2013-2019 the efficiency of the fertilizer Volynski Humaty (Volyn Humates)  was being tested on different crops in different climate and soil conditions in Ukraine by The Volyn Agricultural Research Station of The Institute of Irrigated Farming attached to NAAS (The National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine). Based on the results of the experiments there were developed the recommendations on how to use Volynski Humaty fertilizer.

The application of the Volynski Humaty (Volyn Humates) liquid organic fertilizer

Type of plant treatment

Standard rate of fertilizer consumption

a pre-sowing seed treatment (together with a protectant)

                       1 l/t of seeds

soaking seedling roots of vegetable and fruit crops, tree saplings (10-12 hours)

                      40 ml/10 l of water

Sprinkling during a vegetative phase

(2 treatments in a tank mix and together with a plant protection agent)


                    1 l/ha (dilute at a ratio 1:300)

Drop feeding (2 treatments during a vegetative phase)

                          10-20 l/ha

Compatibility: it can be used together with plant protection agents and mineral water-soluble fertilizers for foliar feeding.  Before preparing a solution, it is recommended to test agents for their compatibility. To do this it is necessary to calculate the rate of agents’ consumption for 100-200 ml of water and mix them. If neither a precipitate was formed nor «boiling» happened as the result of this experiment, then the agents can be combined and used together.


1.  Do not use a mineral fertilizer in an undiluted form!

2.  Shake it well before using!

3.  Dilute the fertilizer in clean water pouring the fertilizer into the water. The solution should be used within two hours. Protect the solution from direct sunrays.

4.   Foliar feeding should be done with a small fertilizer dispenser spraying in the morning or evening hours when there is no dew or wind.

Safety measures: the fertilizer is non-toxic and belongs to class IV according to the safety standards (a low-risk product) as well as fire- and explosion-resistant. When working with the fertilizer follow general safety and personal hygiene rules. In case it gets onto your skin, wash hands thoroughly with soap; in case it gets into your eyes, rinse with a lot of water.

Storage: keep it closed at the temperature from 0 to + 40°C avoiding direct sunlight.

Guaranteed shelf life is two years.