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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
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Bioproferm (Biological Product of Fermentation, herein referred to as "the fertilizer") is a biologically fermented mix of valuable organic materials: animal farming waste (chicken manure, manure and bedding of cattle and pigs) combined with peat, saw-dust, and straw.

The fertilizer production is based on the technology of controlled aerobic thermophilic biological fermentation, which converts the raw materials into a high-quality pasteurized organic fertilizer (conforming with the technical specifications TU U 24.1-36933042-001:2010).

At a certain stage of the fermentation process, the biomass temperature gets as high as 70-75 оC, and stays at that level for several days; these conditions are sufficient to pasteurize the fertilizer. This procedure:

  • Ensures the biological safety of the product, killing the pathogenic microorganisms and helminth, and rendeding weed seeds unviable; the unpleasant smell is also removed.
  • Increases the concentration and optimizes the nutritious components available for the plants.
  • Reduced the amount of cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectic substances, which cause the soluble forms of nitrogen and phosphor to transform into less digestible organic forms.

The sanitary and epidemiologic safety of the fertilizer is certified by the appropriate tests performed by the sanitation and epidemics control service.

At the maturation stage, the fertilizer shows a rather high level of biological activity (1 g of the fertilizer contains over 1 billion of useful microorganisms).