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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
Органічне добриво "Волинські гумати" -
антистресова терапія для ваших рослин!

      A functional leaf express diagnostics of plant nutrition

The Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Complex in cooperation with The Volyn State Agricultural Research Station attached to NAAS (The National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine) carries out a functional leaf express diagnostics of all crops checking concentration of 14 nutrition elements (N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, Cu, B, Zn, Mn, Fe, Mo, Co, J). It identifies what kind of micro- and macro elements a plant needs at a particular growth and development phase based on the changes in a photochemical activity of the chloroplast dissolution that excreted from the plants.  In addition, based on the data received and additionally gathered information, our complex gives expert recommendations on:

-             - the correction of plant nutrition by foliar treatment;

-              - determining the best amount of fertilizers needed;

-              - improving your system of fertilization;

-              - choosing types of fertilizers.

High quality maximum crop capacity can be achieved only by timely and effective influence on your plants!