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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
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Published on: 25.03.2013

Bioz-Volyn proceeds with the development and testing of new products

Bioz-Volyn proceeds with the development and testing of new products

 Taking into consideration the needs of our customers and their feedback, the specialists of Bioz-Volyn continue working at the development of new product types; the research and testing of new products is underway.


One of the first new items that may appear in the agricultural stores is the Green Symphony (Zelena symfoniia) range of peat substrates (soil mixes), produced based on a mix of high-quality peats with the addition of BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer, mineral additives (agroperlite, river sand), and ground limestone. The substrates are ready-to-use products, with a balanced nutrient content and pH, and with a physical structure providing optimal air and water permeability. The Green Symphony range will include the following groups of soil mixes: for seedlings, universal, flowering, flowerless or coniferous plants, rhododendrons, succulents, grass plots, and landscape gardening.


We are currently testing a liquid humic fertilizer for pre-sowing treatment of seeds as well as foliar and soil dressing of growing plants, produced based on an extract from BIOPROFERM additionally supplemented by microelements. Humates combined with macro- and microelements have a comprehensive positive effect on the plant and the soil, acting as a comprehensive fertilizer, a natural growth regulator, and an adaptogene for stress factors.


We are pleased to notice that more and more land owners, market gardeners, home gardeners, and farmers give their preference to the environmentally friendly fertilizers and bioactive agricultural substances produced from natural materials and capable of improving the agrobiological status of soil, enriching it with organic material, and optimizing the water and air regime of the soil.