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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
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Published on: 13.06.2017

A Bioproferm organic fertilizer-based plant activator that revives frozen plants

A Bioproferm organic fertilizer-based plant activator that revives frozen plants

      In order to minimize the consequences of unfavourable weather in spring these days and especially at a critical stage of crop growth, farmers use different agents for foliar treatment. 

      One of such agents is a plant activator made by The Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Complex. It is made from an extraction of loose organic fertilizer Bioproferm (humic extract) which contains humic, fulvic and amino acids as well as a wide range of micro and macro elements.

      The plant activator is used for a pre-sowing seeds treatment, onions, seedlings, root and foliar feeding of all kinds of vegetables, fruit and grain crops as well ornamental plants. It also relieves plant stress caused by unfavourable factors of the environment (drought, frost, hail etc.), an excessive use of plant protection agents and mechanical damages (particularly pests).

     A Lutsk citizen, Valentyna Petrivna, is well familiar with a loose Bioproferm fertilizer as she has been successfully using it at her allotment for several years.

     “Last year in autumn ,” says the pensioner,  “I fed all my fruit trees. Everybody remembers lights frosts that we had in spring, so when my apricots got frostbitten, I decided to save them by using a liquid fertilizer and activator made from Bioproferm. I watered them several times every two weeks (dosing: 3ml of an extract for 1 l of water). So now when all apricot trees around got black, mine got revived. My bitten by light frost nut tree is also growing well so I think there will be a good output.”


















      Mykola Shtyk, who is the owner of an individual farm in Samary village, Ratne region, also shares his experience in using a liquid humic fertilizer Bioproferm. Last year in autumn he had a whole plantation of raspberries and already this spring young suckers were exposed to a difficult weather conditions and they got bitten by light frosts twice. In order to save his business Mykola Vasyliovych gave his plants two foliar treatments with liquid humic fertilizer made from Bioproferm.

      “We can see the effect now: vegetation revived 3-4 weeks ago”, said Mykola Shtyk. “The treatment was given for 13-14 days in spring when vegetation started and also a week ago. The effect can be seen due to a leaf mass and leaves, which are of a dark colour now. Next treatment is planned to be given in 10 days. Dosing? The producers recommended 50-60 grams but taking into account the fact that raspberries got bitten by light frost, in order to restore vegetation, I gave a bit more than a recommended quantity: 80 grams for ten hundred square meters and 800 grams per hectare”.

      Mykola Shtyk shows one more area where black currant will be grown. When planting black currant bushes he used a Bioproferm liquid fertilizer for soaking black currant saplings overnight. “The dosing was 30-50 grams per 15 liters. As a result we got a 100% saplings establishment. The black currant has not been stricken by any diseases as it usually happens at this time of the year; the leaves are clean and dark green; it got well bushed and looks like a three-year old plant. Moreover, it already started to produce fruit.”

     It is worth adding that the number of people who like using loose Bioproferm is not getting smaller. One of the main characteristics of the fertilizer is the fact that it has a continuous prolonged effect and if it does not work first year, it has a perceptible effect on crops during next years.










     Two years ago a state enterprise Kovel Forestry applied Bioproferm to fertilize a soil in a forest seedbed, a seedbed where they grow main forest-forming tree species (pine, oak, fir) and deal with green grafting (breeds for landscaping). 









       As the main forester officer Viktor Savchuk says, “The soil has become so poor and weak that even pine, which does not require much care, did not want to grow, it lacked nutrients.”

      “Our forest seedbed is 5 or 6 years old and soil gets exhausted as well as disappears with the planting material therefore, we decided to experiment and apply Bioproferm”, Viktor Mykolaiiovych shares his experience. “Before we started applying the fertilizer when planting pine seeds, the increase for planting forest crops, was not sufficient. Today looking at thuja, though it is more demanding, the increase of the two-year plant compared with the previous one is like the increment of a three-year plant. A fir tree is also dark green now. We can see the result as the increase is better now and plants themselves feel comfortable which can be seen by their look.”