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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
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Published on: 27.04.2016

Biozvolyn continues to test Bioproferm in conditions of the south of Ukraine

Biozvolyn continues to test Bioproferm in conditions of the south of Ukraine

These days an organic fertilizer Bioproferm has been applied to the experimental fields where celery and tomatoes are going to be grown.

The Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Complex continues its cooperation with scientific research institutions of Ukraine. In particular, The Institute of Irrigated Farming attached to NAAS (The National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine), located in Kherson region, is going to observe the effect of loose and liquid formы of Bioproferm under conditions of irrigation.

A required amount of loose fertilizer, needed for growing celery seedlings, has already been applied to the fields of a local farm enterprise. Soon a liquid form of the fertilizer will be added to the fertilizing system. The area, where tomatoes will be grown, has also been fertilized by Bioproferm.

Scientific monitoring is provided by the researchers from the vegetable growing laboratory of V.V. Malyshev and Y. O. Stepanov Institute.

It is worth reminding that last year the researchers compared the efficiency of loose Bioproferm at the amount of 6t/ha compared to its equivalent in its mineral form when planting industrial types of tomatoes and during next crop rotation. The experiment showed that the highest yield capacity of 76.7% t/ha was reached due to the effect of organic fertilizer Bioproferm under irrigation of 80% on the productive characteristics of tomato variety Kumach.