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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
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Humi Flor

                                                                   Organic plant activator

Humi Flor organic plant activator (TU U 20.1-36933042-004:2017 (technical specifications of Ukraine)) is an all-purpose plant activator saturated with microelements, which help to combat plant stress. It is made from organic fertilizer Bioproferm (TU U 20.1-36933042-004:2017 (technical specifications of Ukraine)).

This agent is developed by experts of The Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Complex, a producer of Bioproferm organic fertilizerZelena Symphony (Green Symphony) peat substrates (soil mixtures) and Volynski Humaty (Volyn Humates) organic liquid fertilizer.

The activator is used in agriculture, forestry, gardening, floriculture for root and foliar applications, a pre-sowing seeds treatment, a soil application as well as a sprout and seedling establishment. It is very efficient for different kinds of vegetables, fruit, crops and ornamental plants at all developmental stages.

Humi Flor is used for:

-        soaking seedling roots of vegetable and fruit crops, tree saplings;

-        a pre-sowing seeds, onion and potato treatment;

-        root and foliar feeding of all kinds of legumes, grain, industrial, vegetable and fruit crops as well as ornamental plants during their vegetative phase;

-        a recultivation of nutrient waste;

-        accelerating humification processes.

Nutrient concentration is no less than (in percent %): humic substances – 2, nitrogen (N) - 0.1, phosphorus (P2O5) – 0.05, potassium (К2О) - 0.4, microelements: Fe, Mg, Cu, Co, Zn, Mo, B, Мn. Acidity (pH) is no less than 8.0.


-        helps germination and improves seeds germination rate;

-        boosts root formation in plant;

-        helps plants to establish roots quicker; 

-        stimulates growth and accelerates plant development;

-        improves plant diseases resistance;

-        boosts concentration of sugar, protein and vitamins;

-        eliminates chlorosis and stimulates blooming and yielding capacity;

-        reduces nitrates concentration in fruit and vegetables;

-        prevents  plants from  heavy metal and radionuclides intake;

-        increases plant resistance in adverse weather conditions (frosts, droughts, extreme temperatures, squally winds, hailstones etc.);

-        adapts plants after stress;

-        enhances crop quality and extends its storage time.

The advantages of using the Humi Flor organic plant activator:

-        good assimilation and a reduced norm per hectare compared to solid fertilizers;

-        it can be applied at the same time with plant protection agents and mineral fertilizers;

-        it can be used as a component in the production of complex organic and mineral fertilizer;

-        it can be applied to the soil for:

              -  quicker mineralization of plant waste (stubble);

              -  for enhancing soil microflora and increasing moving and easily assimilated types of nutrients;

-        it belongs to the products that are not subjected  to neutralization and if needed it can be applied to the soil as a plant nutrient.


Guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from the date of production.