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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
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Advantages of Organic Fertilizers

       Despite a relatively low nutrient content, the organic fertilizers have significant advantages over other ways of improving the crop yield. A notable feature of organic fertilizers is the presence of nitrogen in an insoluble form, as well as the gradual release of nutrients from the substrate.

       According to the modern understanding, the humus and other organic components of soil serve several functions:

  • mobilizing the nutrients contained in the soil, which allows a larger effect at lower concentrations of nutrients, e. i. with a more economical application;
  • gradually release the nutrients, preventing rapid and stressful transitions from abundance to deficiency;
  • help stabilize and preserve the soil humidity;
  • improve the soil structure; and
  • prevent soil erosion.

      The calcium content of Bioproferm facilitates in the reduction of soil acidity.

      Based on its agrochemical properties, the fertilizer is classified as a complex, water-retentive, heat insulating product, easily granulated and improving the physical and agrochemical properties of the soil.