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BIOPROFERM organic fertilizer
takes care of your soil's fertility.
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Welcome to the official website of Bioz-Volyn!

                                                                                 Dear Guests,

We are pleased to introduce you a private enterprise The Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Complex, a Ukrainian producer of organic fertilizers. The Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Complex was founded in 2010. The main activity of the company is a production of environmentally friendly organic fertilizers for crops and ornamental plants.

Bioproferm organic fertilizer (a biological product of fermentation) is the result of an accelerated bioconversion (processing) of organic animal farming waste, peat, sawdust and straw through the effect of different types of microorganism ferments contained in raw materials. The process does not involve any chemical additives or processing which makes our products absolutely safe for the environment, humans and animals. It facilitates preservation and restoration of soil fertility, enhances crop capacity and prevents plants from diseases.

Zelena Symfoniia (Green Symphony) peat substrates (soil mixtures) is an absolutely special, all-purpose and ready to use soil mixture made from organic fertilizer Bioproferm. It is used for seedling growing and transplanting of all kinds of vegetable crops, trees, ornamental plants and flowers in the open ground or under cover.

Volynski Humaty (Volyn Humates) organic liquid fertilizer is made of a fermented organic fertilizer Bioproferm and contains physiologically active potash salts of humic and fulvic acids, a variety of micro and macro elements and amino acids. It has a high biological activity and effects plants differently: as a growth stimulator, a fertilizer, an adaptogen and an anti-stress agent.

An organic plant activator Humi Flor is an all-purpose plant activator saturated with microelements, which help to combat plant stress. It is made from organic fertilizer Bioproferm and is used in agriculture, forestry, gardening, floriculture for root and foliar applications, a pre-sowing seeds treatment, a soil application as well as a sprout and seedling establishment.

The Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Complex carries out a functional leaf express diagnostics of all agricultural crops checking concentration of 14 nutrition elements (N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, Cu, B, Zn, Mn, Fe, Mo, Co, J). It identifies what kind of micro- and macro elements a plant needs at a particular growth and development phase based on the changes in a photochemical activity of the chloroplast dissolution that excreted from the plants.  In addition, based on the data received and additionally gathered information, our complex gives expert recommendations. 

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