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Dear Guests,

We are happy to represent Bioz-Volyn Research and Production Facility, Private Enterprise, a Ukrainian producer of natural organic fertilizers. Bioz-Volyn was established in 2010. The main business of the company is the production of environmentally friendly organic fertilizers for agricultural and decorative crops through thermophilic biological fermentation.


BIOPROFERM (Biological Product of Fermentation) organic fertilizer is a result of accelerated bioconversion (processing) of organic waste from animal farming, peat, saw-dust, and straw through the effect of ferments produced by various groups of microorganisms contained in the raw material; the process does not involve any chemical additives or chemical processing, which makes our products absolutely safe for the environment, humans, and animals. It facilitates the maintenance and restoration of soil fertility, productivity, and prevention of plant diseases.


We appreciate your interest in our company's environmentally friendly natural organic fertilizers. We will be happy to answer any questions from you!


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